Web3 Lending

SoLo empowers individuals with fairer access to credit on the ethereum blockchain through under-collateralized loans

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Building a fairer credit score

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Why we need it

Credit scores omit critical data points (ie: rental and cell phone payments) that are the most useful to underrepresented communities

Tens of millions of Europeans and Americans are “credit invisible”, meaning that you have no credit history with any of the nationwide credit reporting agencies.

You receive a poor credit score if you have a limited credit history, which disproportionately affects young people and immigrants.

How it works

We derive credit scores by applying machine learning to a blend of on-chain and off-chain data

Machine learning better captures non-linear relationships which are common to credit risk

By combining transactional data with lending outcomes we generate highly accurate predictors of risk

Machine learning can develop new ways to assess the creditworthiness for unbanked adults using alternative data

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Get your SoLo Score

Access under-collateralized loans with a simple one step credit score request


All your sensitive data is encrypted and we never share or sell your data


Give people access to their pre-web3 credibility from traditional finance


No card, sort-code or any other personal banking information is ever shared with us, it is only ever your previous bills

Access to capital

Borrowing rates that allow loans for more traditional uses, such as retail purchases, rent payments, money emergencies

Diversification of Risk

Loan Providers can invest in borrowers using the capital for real-world activity uncorrelated with crypto

Avoid Tax Loss

Avoid moving assets off-chain and the following complications


Undercollateralized Loans in TradFi


Overcollateralized Crypto Lending

TradFi to DeFi

Under-collateralized loans represent a $7.07 Trillion market in TradFi but have yet to be realised in DeFi.
Over-collateralized crypto lending is currently $47.4 Billion TVL - under-collateralized lending is untapped due to the inherent absence of viable credit assessments. SoLo is bringing this needed change.

the future

The next generation of DeFi

Undercollateralized loans using Web2 data are the natural next step in the development of the DeFi ecosystem, which will unleash immense opportunities for users, lenders and protocols alike.